The Secret Ranking About French Airports Websites Your Boss Wants To Know

March 24, 2017 Phil Rouin

Half of all French people use a smartphone every day, and that number jumps to 65% when looking at the working population in the hexagonal republic. And analysts' forecasts are turning heads. By the time you finish reading this article, mobile surfing may surpass desktop browsing!

This is a trend that Internet giants have understood, anticipated, and prepared for. Since April 2015, engineers concocting the "secret" algorithm of Google have decided to integrate mobile versions of websites as the predominant factor to appear at the top of the search results. In September 2016, the race accelerated even more. With the release of “Possum,” Google’s search algorithm update, yet another layer was added -- local pages. Evidently, mobile is the primary driving principle of search engine rankings for the future.

But mobile optimization is not the only factor. Site speed is also critical for SEO. Marketplace optimizers calculated that a one-second delay in loading visuals was equivalent to a 7% loss in purchase conversion. Crucial, right? So, are French airports prepared to address these developments? To answer this question, we have analyzed in November 16 the performance of airport websites in France and overseas. Here’s what we found:

The Secret data behind French Airports Websites. 

Airport website mobile performances in France


A recent study ranks France in 20th place for the loading time of websites with 6.78 seconds against 4.72 seconds for Luxembourg. 


The Top 5 airports mobile sites in November 2016

By crossing multiple criteria (average duration of a visit per session, number of pages visited per session ...) five airports really stand out.


# 1 ZSE - Pierrefonds. 

One of the most optimized sites. The best loading time (4.1s), very light resources, the true responsive, rated A. Ergonomics is the most successful. A work of goldsmith. Tweet this


# 2 CMR - Colmar Houssen.

If one confers solely on performance, the site of the airport is of the most efficient although very little ergonomic and seductive graphically. Rated C in overall speed. Hyper light only 319KB on one page. He does the job. Tweet this


# 3 LIL - Lille Lesquin.

Quasi ex-aequo in loading time (4.7s) with Pierrefonds but its resources would benefit to be optimized because the number of requests is high (96) which results in a D for the overall score Yahoo and Google. A small problem, the search engine "flights" is not very optimized for the iphone screens. Tweet this


#4 CMF - Chambéry 

A bit low on mobile (7s loading time), it is ranked grade A in GTmetrix pagespeed. Low bounce rate as well but not the funkiest interface. Tweet this


#5 BVE - Brive Vallée de la Dordogne

Even if not so impressive in terms of Branding, it is the only one of the responsive websites to integrate a looping movie background. Really fast in loading times 02:02 and highly limited requests. Tweet this


In conclusion

The user experience of your website on mobile devices is not a matter of budget. It’s a matter of keeping your visitors and passengers happy with your brand... and clean coding. 

Feel free to compare this blog post with Passenger Wise who crash tested 100 airports worldwide. 


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This article has been originally published in Aéroport Le Mag, dec-16. / Special thanks to Umino Digital / Saddri Derradji

Helpful ressources :,, GTmetrix, Demonstrating Responsive Design by Janus Reynolds,, SEMrush.

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