Reloaded : The Best and the Worst of Video Holiday Wishes (Aviation Related)

December 15, 2015 Phil Rouin

We've published this blog post almost a year ago. Check out the engagement rate of each movie. Fortunately, the most creative ones gained a bigger reach (find below the updated engagement rates). 

Let's get ready to for the up-coming season... and wait for the next series of Holiday Wishes Movies! 

Over the last decade video marketing has grown to be a huge contender in the content world. Video marketing fuses the brand of your message with the valuable advantage of visual stimulation. Today’s brands are capturing the essence of video marketing and tailoring it to fit their unique audiences. 

Data. Video marketing draws 69% of mobile traffic, one of today’s fastest growing mediums. This year, 49% of advertisers plan to run video ad campaigns on Facebook, 18% on Vine, and 14% on Instagram. If you are statistics lover, Eric Siu, from Single Grain Digital Agency, compiled interesting data here

Good news! Production costs have fallen significantly in last years and you no longer need to be a technical whiz to work out how to use it. 

Interested in latest trends? Dae Maellencamp, Vimeo President, spoke a few months ago at Skift Gobal Forum about Creativity on Travel video. Really worth to watch it, if you missed it. 

Return on Investment. New apps such as Twitter's Vine, with its six-second maximum clip length, have dramatically increased the opportunity for businesses on a limited budget to get stuck in. Nevertheless, some of below Aviation Industry moviemakers seamed to forget three essential key points to maximize engagement and ROI:

- Considering your audience first. How the video will reach my targeted marketshare?

- Being creative. Craft your story from the ground. Your sales reps have plenty of stories to tell. They will inspire your customer base. Lead with a story, not with a brand.  

- Promoting it across multiple Social Media Channels. Job is done when engagement rate rises up. Not when the master copy is delivered. 

Ready to jump on board? For 2015, as Andreas von der Heydt, Head of Kindle Content at Amazon, analyzes it: "video blogs and videos will continue to gain significant more share versus print and text blogs"

Airline Industry is getting aligned with this trend. Enjoy our quick review of major airlines content marketing. We'd also love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment, add videos share and contact us. 

Best (29K viewers* 36K viewers, +24%! ): A very Kiwi Christmas, Excellent concept behind. Surprising end. Talking about the benefits of the product. From the experts of safety videos

Worst (85K viewers* 86K viewers - not really a big engagement since January): Aegean, flying cake. Are only Greek people flying Aegean? Good engagement. .


Best (52K viewers* 72K viewers... Congrats! +38%): Delta Airlines, good storytelling. Your adventures amaze us. 

Worst (167K viewers* 171K viewers - nice...! ): Air Berlin, a capella static. . 

Best (2.7M viewers* 3.1M viewers - nice one (+14%)): KLM, Classic touch and nice reach 

Worst (0.4K views* 1K viewers): Austrian Airlines, what a poorly edited concept.

Best (3.2M viewers* - 3.3M viewers united by emotion): Engaging Canadian Expats with a free ticket at Mapple Leaf Pub. Nice example of Union. 

Worst (3K viewers* - 4K viewers - speechless...): American Airlines, motion design, interaction but people queueing.  

Best (250K viewers* - 311K viewers or 24% more engagement...! Great reach): Lufthansa busy traveller, great customer care (a sample of crafting a story from the ground with airport cooperation). 

Worst (6.7K viewers* - 14K viewers, +108% growth !): British airways, low cost photo slides. 

Best (365K viewers* - 367K viewers, unfortunately not so much converting): Singapore, Graphically Engaging, hand designed.

Worst (6.7K viewers* - 9K viewers): Hawaiian Airlines, boring timelapse. 

Best (66K viewers* - 79K viewers, +19,6% engagement - good job!): Finnair secret hangar. 

Worst (28K viewers* - 28K viewers, no change...): Lan-Tam, a complex threesome scenario. 

Best (76K viewers* - 82K viewers, not so bad): Monument Stars for United. Not really amazing but simple.

Worst (1.9K viewers* - 6.3K viewers, probably the best engagement rate of the list, but still not so original): Qantas, recycled concept at arrival gate. 

*views may evolve, . This is a completely subjective and entirely debatable ranking.

The opinions and analysis expressed on this blog/website are based on our research and are for the sole purpose of providing general information about our agency and our practices. See more at

All Airlines logos/movies are subject to copyrights. 

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